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Lecture on Aboriginal life


Dreamweb is an Aboriginal Australia platform founded by Lucien Lecarme. He got inspired during his study of Antropology with Prof. Ad Borsboom in Nijmegen in 1987. After this, he visited twice the Aboriginal community of Ramingining in the Top End, and in other visits different parts of Australia, urban Aborigines and artists like Richard Bell. In the last trip, january 2006, he visited Aboriginal communities and people in 4 different states, mainly urban settled Aborigines and former missions.

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Lucien Lecarme gives lectures about Aboriginal life and culture, art and religion. Using his fotographs and video's, artefacts and paintings, he lively descibes the life in the bush and the connection of the Aboriginal people with the land. The lecture can be focused on different aspects of Aboriginal life, traditional and urban life.


Lucien Lecarme is touched by the aboriginal way of life, it's pureness, creativity and spirituality. He decided back in Holland to create Dreamweb and started to write articles, to organise exhibitions, real and virtual, and make educational programmes for the schools in Holland. He also managed Aboriginal storyteller Maureen Watson for 2 European tours along the big festivals and venues. Dreamweb works together with Aboriginal people and communities, to always maintain a direct link to the source. At this moment we arrange performances with Torres Strait Islander Gavin Ware. Look here for impressions of his performance  




Lucien Together with Aboriginal children in the Ramingining community


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